BloggerCon II Weblog - Celebrating the art and science of weblogs, April 17 at Harvard Law School.


Thanks to Chris Pirillo and Jake Ludington we will be able to webcast BloggerCon IV. We're already experimenting with the feed, so if you click on the link below, you may actually hear something. Requires Windows Media Player or compatible.

Kevin Marks has set up an IRC channel for BloggerCon. A page of IRC clients.


 I'm using Ircle on the Mac, and was stumbling around for an hour, frustrated with the user interface, until I found this howto, and now I'm on the BloggerCon channel. Whew.

 Jeff Powell recommends Conversation and Colloquy for the Mac.

Don't forget the BloggerCon-IV mail list.

Doc Searls is the technographer. If you're in the conference room, you'll see his outline projected on either side of the room. If you're coming in over IRC and/or the webcast, you can view the outlines in a web browser through the table of contents. They are also available in OPML, so they are viewable in any environment that works with OPML. One interesting idea to try out is to follow a discussion using the Instant Outliner in the OPML Editor.

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