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Beginning of the week update

BloggerCon week is finally here, and things are starting to shape up.

The show will begin with a party in San Franciscon on Thursday night, starting at 6PM, location still TBD.

A picture named drJohnBeingHimself.jpgDay 1 begins at 8AM on Friday, sorry for the early hour but we have a lot to get done. The music for the Con will be selected from Brian Oberkirch's Carnival Cast, featuring the music of New Orleans Mardi Gras. This is the first BloggerCon since the Katrina disaster, and while it's not specifically a blogger's thing, I'd like to inject the memory of the city into the tradition of BloggerCon. I love New Orleans, I lived there when I was young, it taught me the spirit of lagniappe, and I want to spread the gospel far and wide.

Every BloggerCon begins with the big question, "What's the song?" At the first Con it was Take Me Out to the Ballgame, in respect for the Boston Red Sox who would go on to lose yet another World Series, but we didn't know that then, so what the heck. At Robert Cox's Nashville Con the song was Dixie. Way down south in the land of cotton, etc etc. So I'm thinking this time the song should be Iko Iko. It's a very simple song, easy to remember, yet spiritual and funky. A good song to launch a BloggerCon? Maybe, maybe not?

Lunch is On Your Own both days, luckily there are lots of great restaurants nearby. We'll have a list tomorrow, with maps, and approximate walking time. The weather forecast is for warm days, cool nights, highs in the low 70s. Easy walkin weather.

We're having Food For Thought dinners on Friday night, with open signup, via Wiki. The pages should be up on Tuesday. First come first serve. There should be about ten blogger dinners in San Francisco on Friday. ;->

We're not alone in downtown San Francisco. The Giants are playing the Oakland A's at AT&T Park on Friday night, 7PM, with day games on Saturday and Sunday, both at 1PM. The locale for the conference is on 2nd St, about four blocks from the stadium, at the end of 2nd. The gay pride parade is on Sunday, there's a celebration on Saturday, details at So, while this part of San Francisco can be quiet on a normal summer Saturday, it will very busy this Saturday. Arrive early, parking may be hard to find later.

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