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Donations for BloggerCon III

Posted by, 10/6/04 at 11:47:43 AM.

Why should you give money to support BloggerCon III? 

Some Web conferences charge thousands of dollars for a chance to rub elbows with the rich and super-rich. Not BloggerCon. We don't charge people anything to participate. This means that we have a diverse conference, including people who have big or fresh ideas, but not much money.

But if you can afford to give some money, please do so we can have lunch, and be able to pay for Wifi and webcasting. We also have to pay for some of the facilities (although Stanford has very generously provided most of it).

Every penny raised will go towards the conference. If there is any left over beyond the amount to meet these needs, we will use it to pay for drinks and snacks on Friday night, before the conference.

I always contribute my time at no charge, and I give $1000 in cash. Adam Curry has also given $1000 each time. But you don't have to pay to participate, and everyone is invited.

Why is that good? Because you don't just get one point of view, or just hear from people I like. We encourage people to be open to others, no matter how famous they are, no matter who they're friends with. It's transparent. It's a user's conference. No speakers, no panels, no audience.

That's a long-winded answer, can you be more succinct? 

Yes, if you give us some money, we'll have a better conference.

How much should I give? 

The suggested contribution is $100, but give what you can afford, or what seems reasonable to you. If $100 would wipe out your savings, then give $25. If you usually pay $1000 to go to a great conference, consider giving a few hundred to BloggerCon. If you're from a corporation that considers blogging and bloggers to be an important part of the flow of information about your company, give more, and we'll find a way to let all the bloggers know that you were so generous. If you don't want credit for such contributions, be sure to let me know.

Can I give if I'm not coming? 

Yes, of course. Please do. By making a contribution to BloggerCon, you are helping us learn about the blogosphere, and we're happy to share what we learn.

How do I give? 

There's a Paypal button on every page of this site. And it's also right here.

Just click on it, and give generously! ;->

PS: If you'd prefer to write a check to Stanford directly, please let me know and I'll tell you who to get in touch with.

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