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Food for Thought Dinners, Saturday night

On Saturday night, November 6, 8PM, we're organizing Food For Thought dinners at local Palo Alto restaurants. If you're logged in, you can sign up for a dinner using the form below.

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About the dinners 

If you have comments or questions, please post them here.

The nice thing about these dinners is that anyone can sign up for any dinner, which solves the problem of who you eat dinner with when you're new to a community. Since BloggerCon itself is so new, this idea makes sense for almost everyone participating in the conference. We really work hard to not have an A-list at this conference, and this is one of the ways we do it. Everyone is welcome here.

Basically, we've got 8 tables of 15-20 people spread among four local restaurants. Each table will have a discussion leader, and a topic of discussion. It's up to the discussion leader how to use the time. We've chosen reasonably priced restaurants, you should be able to eat there easily for $25 per person.

The two podcasting dinners are in the same restaurant and it's a small restaurant, so people should be able to mingle.

Thanks to Enoch Choi and Sylvia Paull for their help in putting this event together!

How it works 

You can change your dinner choice as many times as you like, you'll automatically be taken off the list for the old choice, and added to the new choice's list.


Scott's Seafood. 650-323-1555. 855 El Camino Real. Near Embarcadero. $15-40. Two separate tables of 20 people per table.

California Café. 650-325-2233. 700 Welch Road, Suite 119, off Quarry, west of Stanford Hospital. One table of 15 people at 8 p.m.; another table of 15 people at 8:15 p.m.

Jing Jing. 650-328-6885. 443 Emerson. Off University. Two tables of 20 people each.

The Fish Market. 650-493-9188. 3150 El Camino Real. Two tables of 20 people per table.


"Space" says how many seats remain at the table.

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