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Getting in the loop

Posted by, 8/16/04 at 9:19:52 AM.

One of the best things about an un-conference is that we have an online pre-conference and a post-conference. Since everyone is a participant, no more or less so than anyone else, you have an opportunity, even a bit of an obligation, to prepare for the event. We love getting articles and papers from people who will be there, expressing points of view, or things you have learned from blogging, or hopes you have for the future.

Therefore, we've established several channels for online work prior to and after the conference. And you're free to add more channels, to showcase new forms of communication, or to suggest ideas to BloggerCon participants. However since it's an academic, non-commercial conference, it is not okay to sell goods or services using BloggerCon channels. No advertising. No promoting products. There are no exceptions to the no-advertising rule, even for companies and individuals who support BloggerCon with financial sponsorships.

RSS feeds 

There are two main RSS feeds (so far) for the conference:

1. The feed for the BloggerCon weblog (this site) and

2. My own feed of Scripting News posts about BloggerCon.

Mail lists 

The main mail list for BloggerCon is at Yahoo.


As we get close to the date of the conference we will start an IRC channel which will remain live through the conference day and beyond.

Discussion group 

This website has a discussion group which you can use to post an article to the group. You can edit the article after you've posted it. Membership is required, but free. A managing editor can easily promote that article into a story, so effectively anyone can write for the BloggerCon site.

Other resources 

If you have other resources that should be included, please visit this page in the directory and use the Suggest A Link feature.

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