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Ideas for discussions at BloggerCon III

Posted by, 9/19/04 at 12:25:47 PM.

Audioblogging (Adam Curry)

Advertising and Money-making

Core Values of the Web (Mary Hodder)

Mobile blogging (Craig Cline)

The emotional life of a weblog (Julie Leung)

Blogging in the Third World (Rebecca MacKinnon)

Blogging behind the Firewall, Intranet blogging

Law, blogging by lawyers, and legal issues for non-lawyer bloggers (Larry Lessig)



The roots of blogging, from CERN to NCSA and, to early bloggers

Journalism and Blogging Ethics (Scott Rosenberg)

The 2004 Election

Local politics and blogging

The Silicon Valley Legacy

Managing information overload (Robert Scoble)

What Are Weblogs?

Group blogs

How to start a blog?

What do users want?

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